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Random Post of the Day

Posted by: Tess | July 23, 2013

Sydney and Wisp


Went to Sydney’s Town Seaside! (I met her on, not ACC, thank you very much!)



Just before I left though, I had an empty lamp laying around my town! I wasn’t sure what to do with it, so I just left.



I helped Sydney plant some trees with fruit I brought over.



Then I went back to my town for a short while to get some tools and then I looked and found Wisp! *facepalm* Of course that was what the lamp was for. (Pshhhhh I knew it all along!)




I don’t see how he can be scared of ghosts because he basically is one, but whatever!


Wisp turning into nothing.


He awarded me a black knit cap for helping him find the lamp.


I went back to Sydney’s town, then she came to mine and gave me a pumpkin head! (‘Cause who says you can’t have Halloween in July??)


We had fun talking and causing mischief 😉 I mean, I just had an encounter with Wisp, why not get in the mood and act like insane pumpkins.


Then she had to go. Hope to see ya soon!

Posted by: Tess | June 28, 2013

Grandma Hair and Museum Tag Mishaps


June 12th I had another random wi-fi with people from ACC 🙂 (If you’d like to be a rebel and break that flow of only meeting with ACC people, leave a comment with your friend code and info!)

Accidentally changed my hair to a white ponytail. Just call me Grandma!

Good thing Kaleb gave me his hat to borrow, thank you 😀


Kaleb is a pretty cool cat, if you ever get the chance to meet him you should. He’s a hoot (:


Arrow, Kaleb, Zela, and I joking around!




I hate hashtags. They’re everywhere! #kidsthesedays


Then Botan came and invited us to her town, so we went there. She had a hacked town, look at this glitch:


The money tree moves underground :mrgreen:


Typical town border for hacked towns…


We played museum tag in Able Sisters.

…just kidding! Of course it was in the museum. Kaleb had never played though, so he started hiding outside the museum >.< We got it all cleared up though.


I hid here but no one ever found me D: I didn’t think I was that good!

It was because Kaleb didn’t know he was “It” since Botan tagged him so we were all waiting for him to find us while he was hiding and the game went nowhere


The town was so laggy, someone must have had an unstable connection because I was picking up a flower (I got permission, mind you) when the game paused for a full 19.5 seconds (yes I counted) so here I was in this awkward position like I was taking a poo!

Shortly after that, all connection was lost and we were forced to power down our Wiis. And talk to Resetti -_-

It was fun, Botan, Arrow, Zela, and Kaleb! Hope to see you all soon, you’re really great friends to have ❤

Posted by: Tess | May 31, 2013

Ally Cat

Oh my goodness, I had a DS to DS visit in Wild World (!) with my friend Ally on April 27th and never posted it. Haha goes to show you how good at keeping up with blogging I am 😛


Rafflesia in Longwood -_-


This room really could use a light.


Good old axe fight! I missed those.


Talking to Kiki. Ally and I have this inside joke about cats, since her name is Ally and it reminds me of an Alley cat. (Her nickname is Ally Cat!) When I found out she had 2 cats in her town, we had to talk to them 🙂


She wanted my golden axe but I couldn’t give it to her! It took me forever to get it, so many steps. 🙄

If you want to get the golden axe yourself, here’s a guide I got from ACC:

How To Get: When Pascal visits, give him the Scallop and he’ll give you the Golden Axe.

1) Wait until Sunday and find Joan.
2) Buy a red turnip seed from her (costs 1,000 bells).
3) Plant it and water it once a day.
4) When Wendell comes to town, dig up the turnip and give it to him.
5) He will give you a turban or a (special) country guitar.

-A) If you give the guitar to K.K. Slider on Saturday after he sings a song, you get a picture of him.
-B) If you get the turban, give it to Saharah the next time she comes to town.

–1a) Sahara will give you either a (special) Red vase or a massage chair.

—-a) Give the massage chair to Tortimer (when he shows up on a holiday) and you’ll receive the scallop.

1aa) Give the scallop to Pascal for a golden axe or picture.

—-b) Give the Red vase to Crazy Redd and you’ll receive a safe.

1aa) Give the safe to Nook for his picture.
There ya go! Good luck to y’all who want to achieve a golden axe 😀
Thanks for hanging out, Ally. It was fun (:
Posted by: Tess | April 24, 2013

Rambling with Rhandy

Hello everybody! How’s it been since the last 7 months I saw you all? I felt like breaking out my City Folk game…crazy how it once was a new-fangled Animal Crossing version and after AC: New Leaf comes out, it will be considered the old version, like Wild World. ACCF will be the game that nobody ever plays anymore. But don’t you worry, City Folk, I will always love you :’)

I had a great time with a new friend, Rhandy, in my town today. He’s a really nice guy that made me laugh out loud too many times to count. We did some fishing and bug catching but mostly we just chatted the whole time, aside from me rambling during several parts of the conversation.


He told me some things about Home Brew, which I’ve been researching for years. I still am skeptical and am taking all of the options/effects into account.


Aaaand we chatted about New Leaf!


And then I delved inside my alter ego: a mad scientist. I plotted an evil plan, then I mixed the chemicals up in my secret laboratory to create a potion that would slowly kill him. 😈


Hahaha, just kidding! We were just in the basement in the home of Knight, another HRA award-winner that resides in Yefeb. That happens to be the character of my younger brother! Then we talked about the differences of our school days – they’re quite different. Rhandy’s school day starts at 7:20 am and mine starts at 8:00 am. His day ends at 2:10 pm and mine ends at 3:20 pm…so his starts early ( 😦 ) and ends early( 😀 ). Mine starts later ( 😀 ) but ends later. ( 😦 ) if you weigh the pros and cons, which schedule is better?


Maybe we will never know.



^ Fooling around in some other homeowners’ rooms in Yefeb.

We were planning on visiting his town too but his mom came home and he couldn’t.

But that’s ok. Next time for sure! It was a super duper time, Rhandy! Hope to see you again soon 😀

Posted by: Tess | September 24, 2012

Hey Peeps (:

O hey there, so nice to see you, thanks for dropping by 😀

It’s been a few months or so…I felt like I needed to explain my absence (since I know you all worried about me)! 😛

I’m happy to say I officially have 10 followers (plus other silent stalkers who refuse to post comments or reveal their names 😡 ) and over 8,500 visits since the blog opened in 2010. And that’s all thanks to yoou guys (:

Keep it coming! Let the numbers climb!

So obviously a lot is going on in my life right now…won’t be wifing for a whilee, sadly. These are the busiest times, as usual. I’m in 4 clubs, I volunteer (sort-of), and my entire Friday nights & all Saturdays are filled to the brim with a sport I’m in. Next weekend I have a party to go to, then a dance, that should be fun!  ❤

I guess I could blog more about my life but then I’d totes have to change the name of the blog from “Tess’s Animal Crossing Blog” to “Tess’s Boring Life That No One Cares About (But She Posts Anyway Because She Has No Longer Been Playing Animal Crossing)”.

Hahaha what do you guys think?

Comment, broskies.

Posted by: Tess | June 16, 2012

No Kammile…

I opened up my gates at 2 pm for the wifi meeting with Kammile, but she didn’t show up :(

Instead, Tae came over! And Beth, whom I’d been waiting to meet, did too! :D

The Bug Contest was going on!

Tae wanted to catch a birdwing butterfly, but I beat him to it! :twisted:

Only this one is not for the bug contest, this one’s going in the museum!

Tae went into Ana’s house (another character of mine) and saw the golden room, and pointed out some…interesting things about the golden man & woman that I will not repeat here…it’s pretty R-rated if you know what I mean. :P

Surrounding Tae with my BRB patterns >:)

Beth had to go, and then Tae wanted his wife to come & visit my town too. He told me her friend code, town, & name, & I added her, but unfortunately she never showed up.:(

I told Tae my info but I’m not sure his wife added me…that might be why  xD

So I pushed Tae behind my house when he was afk, ordering food :D

I thought I’d hide with one of my patterns as a shirt, it had trees on it so perfect camouflage, right? xD

But, he found me, and he was telling me what he does on new year’s.

Thanks, Beth and Tae!

Kammile, we WILL wifi sooner or later, one of these days :P

Posted by: Tess | June 14, 2012

Cute Creepy Stuff

On June 8th, I met Jonathan and Tae for the first time. I would blog about it and show more pictures, but…it got a little…violent…

June 11th, Jonathan came back over to my town.

He hit me with his net while Merry just watched…help me!

And then he wanted me to help him with a glitch and push him into Tom Nook’s sign, but clearly he didn’t think…

because then he was stuck and couldn’t do anything. Silly Jonathan. So I ended the party

and we went to his town!

Cool house! & Cute skeleton…Eek! 😯

He had K.K. Rock playing, making it sound like a very “tough” room.

His basement was very similar. And I was a rooster xD

Then later on in the day, Tae invited me to his town!

He was in the middle of making a neat path.

That’s all I have today! Thanks both Tae and Jonathan for making this post possible.

See all you blog readers and Animal Crossing Addicts hopefully sometime this summer, where wifi-ing is abundant!

Just leave a comment to set something up 😉

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Posted by: Tess | May 31, 2012

Canadian Jason!

I have news for you all…my fossil collection in my museum is complete!

(May 2nd)

And, yesterday I had a fun time with Jason!, from Canada, in his town.

His town had some interesting edges of land.

^ I pulled that weed for him 😛

His map was very…interesting. All of the houses were crammed next to each other! How do the neighbors breathe?

He had this lovely field of golden roses and cherry trees in the back with money on them!

Hmm, this seems a little out of place…

Jason! was expecting more people to come but they never showed up D:

So we went to my town!

So much darker…who turned off the sun? 😆

He had to go afk so I saved, allowing me to push him >:D

Then we both had to go.

It was superb, thanks Jason! Hope to see you soon.

Posted by: Tess | April 2, 2012

I fooled you (:

Haha it was super duper nice to see who really cares about this blog. I love you all! :mrgreen:

But, this blog is not shutting down! I would never leave you guys and my amazing posts of pictures to remember the good times!


…You can relax now. Breathe. I know how worked up you all must have been. I’m not going anywhere. 😉

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