Animal Crossing Wild World

***IMPORTANT NOTE! As of right now, I can only wi-fi on ACCF. My DS can’t connect to the internet, so I can’t wi-fi on ACWW anymore. My DS lite is too old for my advanced new internet. I’m very sorry for this problem! As much as I’d love to meet up on ACWW with all of you, unfortunately the technology is changing and there are new versions of everything now. If I get a 3DS (not soon) (unlikely) then I might be able to change my friend code & use my updated internet. ***

Leave a comment with your friend code, name, town name, and time zone/what country you live in and I can add you with my character, Tess.


Friend code: 1549-4009-8267

Town: Longwood



  1. Here is my stuff…
    FC: 3997-0161-9571
    Name: Jaime
    Town: Trenest
    Country: America/ USA
    Time Zone: GMT – 5h

    • Ok, I’ve added you!

      • hi tess wanna be friends

    • Hi add me?

      Now this is to Tess: I completely forgot to add you to blogroll I will do it now.
      and I have a question: the private comment is tes.s only with space or no space?
      ( had to put the. so it wont get to private comment)

      • WITH the space Rory 😉

    • Heyy! Can I get everyones Fc’s again plz? 🙂

      • You bet, what’s your information?

  2. hey tess. i’ve add you in my Fclist.You can add me with Nici(not with lilli) kk? because I’ve delated one from my list. now i’ve place for u. 😉

    • Yep, you’re on my friend list. You’re covered 🙂

  3. Can you please add me to your blogroll? It’s this:

    • Sure! Added. Please add my blog to your blogroll as well!!!

  4. Hi tess Im lilac. Im new to animal crossing and was wondering if we could be friends. Im doing this to many other blogs to make new friends. Thank you again and I love your blog.

    -love Lilac

  5. Daniel Oakville 2622-6858-3996
    can you readd me? My other Oakville was seeded 😦
    adding you back 😀

  6. town: Rayville
    Name: Max
    FC: 1332 9885 0791

    Hey im a friend of Mayu, so im cool xD, I’d like to play with you soon so just tell me where we can meet

    • ok sure. your added. 😉

  7. can you play tomorrow?

    PM me

    • What’s a PM? And sorry for the late reply, I didn’t see your comment here!

  8. hi tess remember me at erins place how come you never connect?

    • Sorry… I don’t remember you; you must be mixing me up with someone else.
      😕 But I’d love to meet you sometime!

      • No i know you your 14 right or 13 if i am mistaking sorry so lets meet up myifo is on mayus fcs and yor town is DaFuture right or no wats yours

      • Oh also when you came to Erins town remember i told you guys a secret dont tell out loud here on chat plzz

  9. Why I’m not in your friendsroster?

    • Hey Nici! I’ve been meeting more and more people and I haven’t seen you in a while. My roster’s all full; do you want me to re-add you? I will and we can set up something. 😉

      • Ok,you are still in my friendroster.
        Ill see what you do ok? We can play more on ACCF

      • Nici can I add you with Kristi?

  10. Hii Tess I restarted, new fc on my blog.
    I re added you.
    My name and town still the same

    • Did you re add me?

  11. hm..Tess? i belive my comments arent invisible –“

  12. Reply =D

  13. did u re add me????????? lalalalalalalalala

  14. Have you added me?

    • Me? I added you Mollie…

  15. Hey tess, Have you added me yet? 😀

    • Yes I have ^^

  16. Danny
    2751 5639 9937
    add me? you can delete tamara she made a new town

    • Uhhh…lemme get back to u Daniel…

      • ok ty 😀

  17. hi can you add me? with kristi i suppose? here’s my info
    name: Leulu
    town: Ceiltis

    FC: 446973956202

    • Hi Leulu, nice to meet you! Sure, I’ll add you with Kristi. 🙂 Hope to see you on wi-fi soon!

  18. hi tess!
    please add me 🙂 i already added you to my friend roster
    heres my info
    name – Kamille (just 1 m 🙂 )
    town – StarCity
    FC – 2580-3233-6014
    I hope we can wi-fi soon 🙂
    Looking forward to it…

    • oops….
      my character’s name is Kammile
      2 m and 1 l 😦

    • Sure! Next time I get on my DS, I’ll add you. 🙂

      • Sorry tess this is my new friend code…i restarted my town
        (Same Name , Same Town name)

      • Ohh, I’ll re-add you then. 😉

  19. I’m opening my gates at June 4 or tomorrow,are you free?
    My time zone is GMT + 8h
    you can look at my time at my website
    i’m opening at 1:00 – 3:00 pm (my time zone)
    i’ll be happy to wi-fi with you 🙂

    • check my sidebar to look at the time

      • Oops, Sorry! I can try playing with you next time, because I’d really love meeting you! But, it seems that you might be 13 hours ahead of me. So 1:00 pm your time would be 3:00 am my time, which is a little too early for me! I’m GMT -5h, so if I go on at 8 am here, that would be 9 pm for you. Is that an okay time? If it is, I can open my gates maybe tomorrow or Monday, June 6th and we can play! 😉

  20. sure! i’ll open my gates tomorrow! 9 pm ,thanks for answering 🙂

  21. Tess its already 9:14 pm here! and its june 6 btw 😆

    • oh its already june 6 on your country 😳

      • Haha! Things just don’t go our way, do they? 😆
        How about Monday, June 13th at 9:00 pm your time?
        Let me know if that works out. 😉

  22. Hello
    it’s june 23 in spain (i live in spain)
    Please, could we set a wifi meeting tess?
    my friend code is at
    btw what’s your FC?

    • Yes, we can set a wifi meeting! We’d need to know the hour difference from your country to mine. Once we know that, we can pick a date and time to get together!
      My friend code is on this page.

  23. Well I added you Tess.
    btw my time zone is: CET +1
    Great blog tess I would love to wifi sometime hope we can!

    • Yes, I hope to see you soon! I’ll add you the next time I get my DS out. 😉

  24. Hi Tess my name in ACWW is Coco my citi is A Casa and my code is:4083-6608-8765

    • I will add you! 🙂

  25. I really enjoy your blog Tess! I’m sorry you can’t come to my party but next time you have a spot for sure!

    • Ok! See you at the next party!

  26. Tess,i’m having a wi-fi meeting on saturday (jemma will come) it’ll be settled 10 PM my time (i hope i can see the fireflies! xD)

    • Oh! Good! That means I get an hour later, so it’ll be 9 AM my time! I really hope to meet you this time!! ;D

  27. You didn’t come last Saturday T.T well,i hope you can come next Saturday.i’ll try and try and try until we get a green circle! 😉

    • Yeahhh, I was busy. Sorry! Next sat for sure!

      • uh,i think you dont visit my site at all -_- 😛 but anyway ill be playing at August 13,2011 (which is next Sat. i think)
        i can’t today because i don’t have my cam and my dsi has problems with..charging… 😯

      • Yes, I saw your post! I *do* visit your site. 😉
        And it’s okayy! Meet ya Aug. 13.

      • OH REALLY?! 😯 i never knew,actually you never comment on my site 😛 see you on Aug. 13 i’ll be sure to charge my ds,camera and hope that theres wi-fi 😉 see ya! ^^

      • Oh,i’ll be the one opening my gates 10 PM my time
        OK,That’s all,Please Come this time! ^^ ~Kammile

  28. Aw,you didn’t come this Saturday 😦 well,i DO have a slow internet connection 😛

    • Sorries 😦

      Can we pick a different day? Saturdays don’t seem to work that well for me.

  29. Hey,wanna late night friday wi-fi? 😉 (at September 2) If your free at that day…(and time) 😆

    • Yes! I’d love to. see you then.

      • I’m VERY Sorry that i neglected the late night friday wi-fi 😦 I didn’t got time that day and i was really busy with homework. 😳
        Tell me a day which is ok for you to wi-fi and it must be inside my wi-fi hours… Well,I missed you! 😀

      • It’s fine! I forgot too…we had a late night friday wi-fi? 😆

  30. im kaybe (not really just call me kaybe or kay) and im a BIG acww fan! but
    im not getting FC soon becuase of my sloww internet) oh and just so you
    know im a GIRL.

  31. I would post mine, only if I had one. 😦

  32. Hey.. I just brought ACWW soo… Can I connect with other people with ACWW ? How should I start and what I should do ? I tottaly wanna see you 😀 😀

    • Yes, you can connect with people, you can do DS to DS or wifi. Wifi requires internet access, and DS to DS just requires a friend sitting next to you with the game. I just got a new internet service, so I will need to connect my DS to the new internet, so if you have DS-compatible internet and you want to wifi with me, you will need to wait a little bit until I get it hooked up. 🙂 Until then, see you later!

  33. Baaah… I miss you,Tess. D:
    I wish your wi-fi works now. 😆
    Sorry for being a little bit impatient but my Wii will be coming
    on December. T_T
    I hope you can still wait.
    but i’ll plan a little bit first because one of my friends will be also
    coming during the first day on my town.
    and yes, I still have to have some temporary paths
    and i have to ask…
    If you move from AC:WW to AC:CF, Will you still work for Nook? 😕

    and can you still design paths,clothes etc.
    on the start of the game? 🙂

    • I miss ya too, Kammileeee!
      I’ve been working on my wi-fi. It turns out, my internet is too advanced for the old DS lite. 😦 So, in order for that to work, I have to transfer my internet to the old settings, and that’d make my laptops/computers really slow. 😦 My family decided it wasn’t worth it for a game, plus my dad thought I didn’t play DS as much as I used to. If I get a 3DS or something newer, maybe the connection will work! 😀
      Until then, I’ll wait for your wii! 😉
      And yes, sadly, if you move, you will work for Nook. You will have 0 bells. But your hair will be the same, and you will have all of the items in your catalog. Your ACWW character will remain in your ACWW game too. (ooh a clone! 😯 ) Yes, you can design patterns too. Basic patterns cost nothing to make! And, you can make them right in your inventory, you don’t have to go to Able’s. If you want a pro design, then you have to pay 350 bells. The pro designs have sleeves and backs of shirts, so it’s nicer to wear.

  34. Hello,
    here is my details
    (this is for lgttc and cf)

    I’m just going to add u 2 my friend roster

    i am very friendly and i have just done my wi-fi settings,
    i’m avalable: sat 1:00-4:00 and sunday the same

    if its the holidays i will be on that time nearly everyday


    • I’m really sorry but my ACWW wifi is currently not working. 😥
      I’d really like to get to know you. Do you have ACCF? If so, we can meet on there.

      • yes i do, im not sure if you noticed but i did say accf/lgttc. so add me with it anyway.

      • p.s. is your friend code the same on accf? and please tell me it.

        sorry i’m new to wi-fi i dont know a lot

      • Oh! So sorry! I have a page all for ACCF, so I missed your lgttc/accf words because you posted on the ACWW page. Click on “ACCF” under the top menu and you can find my friendcode there ^^

      • sorry i didnt know you had a accf page…..
        so when can we meet?

        i live in the uk btw

      • Ok, I’ve met up with people in the UK before and I’m pretty sure you are 6 hours ahead of me. It seems you are most active in your afternoon, which is my morning, when I’m not that active. Can we meet Sunday, at my time 2 pm, your time 8 pm? Let me know if that’s too late in the night for you.

      • sorry 8pm is too late for me,
        i mean i have school i my parents say i have to have an early night so i learn more.
        Plus i cant wi-fi after 12:30am (my time saturday)
        because my friend is staying for the day.
        maybe, yeah sunday at my time 4:00pm and your time 10:00am????
        if its too early just say.

      • i meant i have school the next morning

      • 10:00 am Sunday? Ok! See you tomorrow in my town.

      • kk meet u there,
        ill bring over sum stuff

      • your not opening your gates…
        is it definatly accf??

      • Oh right! Sorry, I got caught up in things and I thought it was ACWW again, so I tried making my internet work again, but of course it didn’t. 😆 So sorry! Next time I will remember cf for sure 😉 Would you like to reschedule?

      • hows saturday at same same time as last time (me:4:00pm and you:10:00am)

        remember… accf

  35. Sorry i just forgot i will be adding most of you if my roster can hold it!

    • Alright, next Saturday works I think. If something comes up, I’ll have to cancel because Saturdays are busy for me.

      • sorry i have to cancel
        i have the pantomine at 2pm and it goes on for a while 😦
        can we do it same time sunday?

  36. Hi again,

    its me and i have a question.
    i have had acww for a while now and i have done wi-fi settings with advanced setup on my dsi but when i ask the dog on the right “friend code” it wont let me choose advanced setup.

    how do i get it??????????????????

    • Before you log on your character, on the main menu, you say I think “other things” and then “wifi settings”. Try that. I’m not sure that’s the exact words but you can try! 😀

  37. Hi Tess! I don’t entirely understand how a ds lite can be too old for your advanced internet, but if/when you get a newer ds, I’d really enjoy wifi-ing with you.

    And, to anyone else who likes to wifi on ACWW, then please go to my blog to set it up. 🙂

    • I know, it sounds crazy, but that’s what Nintendo said when I called their hotline. I’d like to wi-fi with you too, so I’ll keep you in mind if I get my wifi working on a newer DS, I’ll contact you. 🙂

  38. this game was so amazing when it first came out yo cuz it was the first wifi game in the ac series n it was a gr8 experience!

    • Yes, I agree! Hahahaha I love how you commented on like every page ❤

      • you got on my favorite dress
        youre lookin-lookin-lookin goooood

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