Posted by: Tess | April 1, 2012

Shutting down.

Hi all,

this blog has gone downhill. There’s numerous spammers, no one comes here that often, and well, I can’t wi-fi anymore on ACWW, the reason I made this blog in the first place two years ago. I have decided to come to the best conclusion that I will delete this blog tomorrow. If you want to contact me since the blog is shutting down, you can email me, PT on ACC, message me on, whatever. Thanks for a great two years. Goodbye.

♥, Tess

Posted by: Tess | February 9, 2012

Cool story bro.

So, I was going to post these pictures under Hilarious Stuff, but I feel like people don’t check that often when I post something new there. And plus, I know how much you crazy blog addict people love me posting. 😉 So here ya go, laugh away!

Really Lobo? I just can’t see that in you.


Nice shirts xD

Posted by: Tess | December 4, 2011

Hiding Places

Does this post surprise you? 😆

Yefeb has a new lighthouse!

What is that dark circle at the bottom of the waterfall? It didn’t move and it was not a fish (I couldn’t catch it) and it just stayed at the top of the water, as if floating. 😕

My town was set to the Harvest Festival, so I thought it would be nice to share it with others and meet new friends! 😀

A nice girl named Jeanie came over and we began our hunt for Franklin, the turkey who’s always hiding!

Whoops. Secret exposed.

Then cutepup♪ came over too, another person to help!

Then Sherice showed up too, hooray!

We all got our items, and then I eventually got a full series!!

So I helped other people who didn’t have the extras that I had. But most of the items I got extras of  they already had! 8)

Then cutepup♪ left, then Sherice, and so me & Janie tried to find the rest of her furniture before I had to go. In the end, she was just three items short. Not bad 😉

Thanks for coming everyone! Hope you had fun 😀

Posted by: Tess | August 31, 2011

Dear Readers

Classes started and now I actually have a life. Of homework, heavy backpacks, friends, after school activities, getting lost in the huge school, and being stressed, that is. So, I will have almost absolutely no time for Animal Crossing. My Saturdays will be booked with all day events, and Sundays are reserved for homework. If I happen to have no homework, then if you would like to wi-fi then we can. Don’t worry, I’m not quitting AC and I’m not definitely deleting my blog. Actually, I’ll still be here to answer/respond to comments so feel free!! 😉 I’ll come back to wifi…winter break (2 weeks off!) or spring break (1 week) and most definitely summer. Check for updates come winter. My AC wifi life has been going slowly anyway, I’ve been forgetful and busy (sorry Kammile)…and apologies to not have been posting as much as I thought I was going to this summer.

For all those out there with who knows what this feels like. 🙂

Posted by: Tess | July 23, 2011

Usa and Longwood

I was looking for Kammile’s gates at 8 am but I didn’t see hers open, even after a while, so I decided to open. I thought Jemma must be looking for Kammile’s gates too, and so she’d come to my town. I was right!

Nice bronzed bodies 😆

We hung out in Longwood, checked for Kammile’s gates again, then we went to Jemma’s town usa. I only took that one picture, my camera ran out of battery 😦

I’m sure Kammile couldn’t come for a good reason, it’s okay. Thanks to Jemma for visiting with me! 🙂

Posted by: Tess | July 13, 2011

Two foods and a season

I got a Friend Code Request on ACC from ★cookie and she wanted to play right away! 😀 So I went on my Animal Crossing: City Folk game after……how long has it been? I don’t even know. But anyway, I had bed head 😐

So cookie, Kit Kat, and Summer. Two foods and a season! They were impressed with my fountain in my town by the gate, and wanted to know how I got it. Donate 400 thousand bells in the town fund for a fountain. Before you do that, though, donate 200 thousand bells for a fourth bridge! And after the fountain, donate one million bells for a lighthouse or windmill! If you donate a further 1,000,000 bells you get the option to swap your windmill for a lighthouse or vice versa.

…and poor Summer was attacked by my lightsaber (my friend hacked it for me) and ★cookie’s shovel.

Then Summer welcomed us to her town by saying “Welcome to my boring town”, but to me, it was nothing close to boring! I changed my hair before I went over.

…Still waiting to catch a shark in CF! The biggest thing I got was a sting ray, I know. Pathetic 😛

And, her town had a bear top for sale! I was waiting for the shirt to match my bear hat I kept in my closet.

Summer is an expert bug catcher, too. ^The bugs on the tree stump are caught on coconut trees, not on tree stumps! 😉

Good times, good times. 🙂

Posted by: Tess | June 12, 2011

Summer is here!

So! School’s out, finally! (At least for me!) As a summer kick-off, I went over to Nick’s town America on June 6th. I met Nick last summer, good timesss. Rory was there too! We had fun chatting it up. 🙂

Swim suits, towels, soaking in the sun
Bug spray, sun screen, just having fun
Meeting cool people, out after dark 
Enjoying a popsicle and hanging out at the park.

Summer 2011, let it begin! 😀

Posted by: Tess | March 28, 2011

The Surprise

Iris (aka Mariah), who I met back in Kim’s ACCF town P.R., came over to Longwood!


She liked my path! I’ve been working on it, and soon I’ll put flowers around it to hopefully get a perfect town.

We enjoyed a game of hide and go seek. I found you! Hehe 🙂

Then I traveled to Japan (her town). I looked around in her house, but it was pretty dark! You need a lamp, Iris! 😆

Then, a girl named Kiwi showed up. I was thinking to myself, hmm. I don’t know any Kiwis. She must be a friend of Iris.

BUT! To my surprise, Kiwi said, “SURPRISE, TESS! It’s me, Kim!”

The girls explained that they were planning to give me a surprise. Just before, I was wondering where Kim went. I hadn’t seen her in a month! It was so nice to see her. And yet another reunion, lol! 😆

I’m glad you guys could make it, thank you! What great friends I have. 😉

Posted by: Tess | March 23, 2011


Chris, who I met on ACC, opened his gates!

He had a lot of cherries and money bags on the ground.

Chris’s room was very unique! Love it 🙂

I always like the rain in ACWW, it’s calming. But it’s not good for swimming!

Thanks Chris! It was a fantastic time 😀

Posted by: Tess | March 4, 2011

Kerri visits Longwood!

Wow, what an amazing time for reunions lately. 🙂

Then we played hide and seek, what an Animal Crossing classic!

That crack in the ground is not a fossil or gyroid…it’s a pitfall! When Kerri found me, she fell in, letting me escape. 😛

I’m only evil to the friends I love. xD

Then I went to her town. Aww, Kerri, you have so many weeds!

Oh dear, even a rafflesia. Kerri, you’d better get that fixed!

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