Posted by: Tess | June 28, 2013

Grandma Hair and Museum Tag Mishaps


June 12th I had another random wi-fi with people from ACC 🙂 (If you’d like to be a rebel and break that flow of only meeting with ACC people, leave a comment with your friend code and info!)

Accidentally changed my hair to a white ponytail. Just call me Grandma!

Good thing Kaleb gave me his hat to borrow, thank you 😀


Kaleb is a pretty cool cat, if you ever get the chance to meet him you should. He’s a hoot (:


Arrow, Kaleb, Zela, and I joking around!




I hate hashtags. They’re everywhere! #kidsthesedays


Then Botan came and invited us to her town, so we went there. She had a hacked town, look at this glitch:


The money tree moves underground :mrgreen:


Typical town border for hacked towns…


We played museum tag in Able Sisters.

…just kidding! Of course it was in the museum. Kaleb had never played though, so he started hiding outside the museum >.< We got it all cleared up though.


I hid here but no one ever found me D: I didn’t think I was that good!

It was because Kaleb didn’t know he was “It” since Botan tagged him so we were all waiting for him to find us while he was hiding and the game went nowhere


The town was so laggy, someone must have had an unstable connection because I was picking up a flower (I got permission, mind you) when the game paused for a full 19.5 seconds (yes I counted) so here I was in this awkward position like I was taking a poo!

Shortly after that, all connection was lost and we were forced to power down our Wiis. And talk to Resetti -_-

It was fun, Botan, Arrow, Zela, and Kaleb! Hope to see you all soon, you’re really great friends to have ❤



  1. Tess is so stunning! OMG

    • Haha oh why thank you 😀

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