Thanks for visiting my blog!

I play two versions of Animal Crossing and like them both. So don’t be shy, post a comment with your friendcode! Or, just say hi! I enjoy comments ALWAYS, as long as they’re spam-free, so please no advertisements for websites/sales/products or using hurtful language.

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  1. Hi Tess

    • Hiiii Rory

  2. Thanks for adding me to your blogroll
    Miki Viv and Elo Erin and Becci were at mine today
    u said u would show up

    • Sorry…I did? Sorry for letting you down but I seriously don’t remember saying I’d show up. I told every1 I would wifi tomorrow (Friday) with Miki but since our time zones are so different I might have been sleeping in. (Today’s the first day of summer vacation for me)

      • U didnt let me down!

  3. Hello tess nice blog BTW MY GATES ARE OPEN YOU CAN COME IN PLEASE !!!

  4. I love the blogs on AC:WW people have been making recently :3 Since Mozilla Firefox (or atleast my version) has no favorites I got this “Read latter” thing so I just put these in there and make it into my favorites.

    • Aww, thanks for visiting Jaime!

  5. Hi Tess! My internet is finally working! I love your blog! =)

  6. your blawg is amazing!!!

    Kariya! the mysterious!

  7. Hey! Your blog is really Cool!

    Check mine out!


  8. hiii tess it’s me 🙂

  9. Hey Tess great blog! Your pictures are amazing!!
    Love, Kerri 🙂

  10. When I googled ‘Animal Crossing Blogs,’ this came up, so I figured I might as well click on it.

    I LOVE IT! 😀 This is one of the best AC blogs I’ve ever seen.

    Please check out my website, too!

    • Thanks a lot for your nice comment and thanks for visiting! I love reading comments!
      I visited your website too. It’s awesome! You have some really nice pictures. 🙂

  11. Tess,Can you add me to your blogroll?

    • Yes, I sure can 😉

  12. Hi Tess! again :mrgreen: if i fix my wi-fi again i hope we can wi-fi with no problems 😛 well,i hope you have a nice summer (cuz’ i am!) and please POST MORE POSTS POST MORE POSTS! XD

    • Yes! Fixing your wifi would be awesomeeeee!!! My summer is going nicely, thanks. And about the posts, no promices, but I’ll try! 🙂

  13. Hi,Tess ^-^ I’m still hoping that we can wi-fi sooner or later and you post a lot more in the future,but it’s not only about your wi-fi life on animal crossing,posting wi-fi meetings can excite a lot viewers and makes them think that your fun to wi-fi with,resulting to LOTS of friends,but isn’t it kinda boring posting wi-fi sessions over and over again? 😛 ain’t it awesome if you could post more often,more like everyday but the problem is that there’s school 😦

    I can keep my Active status even if there’s school 😀
    and it’ll be probably more harder to be active at high school 😆
    But,you? You try your best to work hard at school,even at your blog!
    I may say,your blog is pretty awesome 😀 it can become a hit like Mayu’s

    The problem is you don’t post often,but i’m not forcing you to post that much 😆 i enjoy your posts from the past and i’ll enjoy it more if you post in the future,i wonder what will you post..i wonder when will you post…

    There’s a lot of mysteries and wonders on your blog,keep it up,
    Your doing a great job 😉

    Haha,long comment,i’ll be *kinda* out for 2 days :mrgreen:

    • Oh and i have a little surprise for you…
      Here it is
      Hope you liked it,i’ve been working on that for almost a month! xD
      (a path pattern)

      • Change to Palette 5 when done ^^

      • WOW! That path looks amazing! I’ll have to use it some how in my town. You’re going into high school? Me too! And I’ll think about it, I like posting about exciting stuff, to keep viewers interested. So, since I post so little, maybe people will be more happy when a post comes! Haha! Well, it’s a hope. xD
        I just don’t want to bore people, like hey this new townie moved in and I sold some shells. B.o.r.i.n.g. But thank you for the input!!

    • Haha,Thanks! 1 more year.. i’ll be in high school (ulp) good luck for both of us 😆 it’s ok to post such stuff,look at mine,my posts are kinda boring sometimes xP but i keep trying my best to post some
      posts :mrgreen: having new posts makes the viewers excite a little,probably saying “OMG! She has a new post!!” kinda like me if i see a new post on ur blog 😀

      • Ok, thanks for the feedback! I love hearing from the viewers, because without the viewers, I wouldn’t keep up blogging. 😯

  14. I added u to my blogroll!

    • Thanks, lol 🙂
      I’ll be sure to add you to mine, as well 😉

  15. your awsome Tess btw i love your blog

    • Thanks! That’s really nice of you 🙂

  16. your welcome i would love to wifi with you sometime but i have lets go to the city will that work?

    • Yes! That will work. We need to pick out a day and time, after we figure out the time difference from my country to yours. Comment with the current time in your country and also a day and time when we can meet up! 🙂

  17. I am from the united kingdom i will post my details asap. I have only ever had one wifi meeting that was with my cousin in April 2011.
    Can you choose a date and time and I’ll see if I am available. Thanks 🙂

  18. at the moment it is 7:20pm in the united kingdom

    • Hi Cerys! You are 6 hours ahead of me. 🙂
      I’m available on the weekends, Sunday usually works best…sometimes :3
      How about 1:00 pm my time, 7:00 pm your time tomorrow? If you don’t see this until tomorrow has passed (lol) then let’s make it next Sunday, February 5.

  19. yes i think tomorrow (Sunday 29th January) would be good ill post my details tomorrow at about…11:00 my time

  20. Friend code: 3180-2543-3150
    Nme: Smantha
    Town: India

    See you later!

  21. I have added you to my friend rooster

  22. Where are you I have checked if your gates are open, I have left my gates open for you to come in.

    ^ My Blog Address ^

    • Next Sunday, ok? 😀

  23. perfect 7:00pm my time 1:00pm?


  24. perfect 7:00pm my time 1:00 your time? 😀

    • Ok, see you tomorrow. I hope 😉

  25. yep hope 😀

  26. Were you going to come to mine, or me to visit you?
    Because you weren’t there

    • Yeah I wasn’t sure about that too. How about my town first, then yours? We need to make sure that sort of thing is clear before we meet of course. xD Please reschedule 🙂

  27. ok how is this sunday (12th Feb)? I can do any Sunday as long as it is evening my time

    • Sure. Again, Sunday at 1 pm it is.

  28. see you then i hope

  29. Hi Tess
    I am sorry I couldn’t make it I had to go for a meal.
    How is this Sunday coming up? Because I can definitely be able to do it then. As long as you come ;D

    • Ugh. It’s fine, I missed it too. I had a party to go to. My weekends are so busy! 😦 I hope hope hope to see you this sunday!!!

  30. oh Im sorry I have just been so busy lately! we will have to reschedule again!

    • No problem at all, Cerys =)
      Let me know when so we won’t miss it again!

  31. How is the 4th March? I will try to make it because Im not going anywhere then. 🙂

    • That should work! I have nothing on my calendar that day. What time?

  32. The same? 7:00 pm my time 1:00 pm your time? I can change the time if you want

    • Oh, too late. So sorry again. I just saw this now 😦

  33. My friend code is 1234-5678-9876 and i got 3hunna bells. how about u

    • HAHAHA nice friend code, I’m going to get on that!

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