Posted by: Tess | June 16, 2012

No Kammile…

I opened up my gates at 2 pm for the wifi meeting with Kammile, but she didn’t show up :(

Instead, Tae came over! And Beth, whom I’d been waiting to meet, did too! :D

The Bug Contest was going on!

Tae wanted to catch a birdwing butterfly, but I beat him to it! :twisted:

Only this one is not for the bug contest, this one’s going in the museum!

Tae went into Ana’s house (another character of mine) and saw the golden room, and pointed out some…interesting things about the golden man & woman that I will not repeat here…it’s pretty R-rated if you know what I mean. :P

Surrounding Tae with my BRB patterns >:)

Beth had to go, and then Tae wanted his wife to come & visit my town too. He told me her friend code, town, & name, & I added her, but unfortunately she never showed up.:(

I told Tae my info but I’m not sure his wife added me…that might be why  xD

So I pushed Tae behind my house when he was afk, ordering food :D

I thought I’d hide with one of my patterns as a shirt, it had trees on it so perfect camouflage, right? xD

But, he found me, and he was telling me what he does on new year’s.

Thanks, Beth and Tae!

Kammile, we WILL wifi sooner or later, one of these days :P



  1. Hi! My name is Julia! I love Animal Crossing!
    Ich have a challenge Blog!
    Please visit my Blog

    • Well alright then Jojo/Julia! Nice to meet ya. Thanks for visiting, I’ll be sure to look at yours too (:
      ♥, Tess

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