Posted by: Tess | April 24, 2013

Rambling with Rhandy

Hello everybody! How’s it been since the last 7 months I saw you all? I felt like breaking out my City Folk game…crazy how it once was a new-fangled Animal Crossing version and after AC: New Leaf comes out, it will be considered the old version, like Wild World. ACCF will be the game that nobody ever plays anymore. But don’t you worry, City Folk, I will always love you :’)

I had a great time with a new friend, Rhandy, in my town today. He’s a really nice guy that made me laugh out loud too many times to count. We did some fishing and bug catching but mostly we just chatted the whole time, aside from me rambling during several parts of the conversation.


He told me some things about Home Brew, which I’ve been researching for years. I still am skeptical and am taking all of the options/effects into account.


Aaaand we chatted about New Leaf!


And then I delved inside my alter ego: a mad scientist. I plotted an evil plan, then I mixed the chemicals up in my secret laboratory to create a potion that would slowly kill him. 😈


Hahaha, just kidding! We were just in the basement in the home of Knight, another HRA award-winner that resides in Yefeb. That happens to be the character of my younger brother! Then we talked about the differences of our school days – they’re quite different. Rhandy’s school day starts at 7:20 am and mine starts at 8:00 am. His day ends at 2:10 pm and mine ends at 3:20 pm…so his starts early ( 😦 ) and ends early( 😀 ). Mine starts later ( 😀 ) but ends later. ( 😦 ) if you weigh the pros and cons, which schedule is better?


Maybe we will never know.



^ Fooling around in some other homeowners’ rooms in Yefeb.

We were planning on visiting his town too but his mom came home and he couldn’t.

But that’s ok. Next time for sure! It was a super duper time, Rhandy! Hope to see you again soon 😀



  1. Yay, a new post 😀 I have a City Folk town, but I don’t play it very much… My FC is 3096-7221-5379, maybe we could WiFi sometime possibly! A group WiFi would be fun. ^_^ I bet I will play City Folk even less than I do now once New Leaf comes out, but don’t worry, there will still be many others who will continue to play City Folk, just like many people still play Wild World and even the GameCube version to this day. 🙂 City Folk has the benefit of being the latest home console version of Animal Crossing, so people who prefer playing Animal Crossing on the TV won’t see AC: New Leaf as a replacement, since it will be on a portable console. Also, the 3DS is pretty expensive, so not everyone will be willing or able to pay that much for it (especially if New Leaf is the only game of interest).

    • Amy the wise! You are probably right about that ^.^ & I don’t have a 3DS because they’re expensive…you’re a good guesser 🙂
      I will add you to my roster and let me know when you would like to hang out sometime!
      ♥, Tess

  2. Hi Tess I´m not sure if you remember me but yeah I´ve been missing playing animal crossing an awful lot lately and my old friends. It would be really great if we could catch up. I miss Mayu sooo much.

    • Rory? Rory who? I don’t think I know any Rorys.. 😕

      lol just joking. of course I remember you! You used to be one of my best friends, how could i forget? ❤
      it took you long enough to say hi to me again, hehehe
      & You can talk to me all you want but remember I'm not Mayu so idk if I can help you with thattt
      ♥, Tess

  3. Omg I´m sorry it looked like I was saying we needed to catch up cause Mayu isnt here and i needed her, thats not what I meant! I was just saying I miss her. We all do right?
    P.S- its been like three years since we met, crazy right?

    • Ohh ok I’m glad that’s not what you meant! I was kinda confused. I can agree with the fact that everyone misses Mayu.
      & yess, happy 3rd anniversary to us!
      let me know if you want to wifi or whateverr, ok? k cool (:
      ♥, Tess

  4. I’ve got city folk as well.But since i’ve just got a wiiU it may have deleted all the memory on my game :p

    • Oh no! But that can be good in some ways too. You can start fresh. 😛

      Let me know if you want to wi-fi anytime (:
      ♥, Tess

      • Hee hee. Yes it is good that I started fresh because my sister called my last ACCF town Dan Ville. I hated that town town name so I called the new ACCF town name “Meadow”. It’s beautiful… And I’ll let you know when I’ve got a friend code too. Do you have ACWW? Thanks for the reply anyway

        Katrina x

      • I love that new town name! Yes, I have ACWW, but no wifi, to see why look at my ACWW page ^-^
        Hope to see you around!

      • Please may you give me the link to your acww page?

        Katrina x

      • It’s right on this website, on the header image under the title “Tess’s Animal Crossing Blog”, you will find 5 tabs (About, ACWW, ACCF, Hilarious Stuff, & Comments) directly underneath the picture of the 3 people, 2 with green hair and 1 with a blonde princess wig. One of them is marked “ACWW”, you can click it there. If you still can’t find it, (it’s not that hard, I promise!) here’s the link:

      • Thank you

        Katrina x

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