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  1. Hi Tess,
    I’v been reading your blog, mayu’s blog and Rory’s blog for a while.
    But when checked Rory’s blog it said that it is unavailable. I tried to ask mayu if Rory has a new blog but i haven’t got a reply yet.
    So do you know if she has a new blog?

  2. Hey Tess! Nice blog!

    I just read some of your stories! They’re awesome ^^

    I’ll check in from now

    Sorcha X

    • Thanks so much! And as always, I’ll be checking yours too 😉
      Tess 😀

  3. Cute website! I find every bit of it enjoyable 😀

    • Thank you so much, Oraki! 🙂

  4. You got an awesome blog !
    I really liked all of your post , specially your “hilarious stuff” i laughed so hard that i cried 😆

    • Thank you so much, Kammile! I appreciate your comments. 😀

  5. Hehe yeah Tess I agree with Kammile!
    Thank you for commenting on my blog! Your blog is great, I love it! 😀

    • Thanks! …And, you’re welcome! 😆

  6. Hey Tess, your blog is the best!!! I love acww to but my blog is of Harry Potter! Do you like Harry Potter? If you like it visit my blog:
    Hope you like it! 🙂 😉

    • Ohh yes, I am a fan of Harry Potter too! I watched all of the movies except the last one, part 2. I saw your blog, it looks like you spent a lot of time on the research! Good job! 🙂

      • OMG! Finally a fan of Harry Potter! Like my blog? I hope so! I have really wanted to see the 2 part of the last movie of Harry Potter! thanks for visit my blog!!!
        Visit my blog! (If you want XD):):)

      • the truth I have not spent much time with the blog! but I have been wrong! 😳
        Thanks for visiting! 😉

  7. Tess,it’s been a long time,but i’m quitting blogging,but i’ll still wi-fi,comment and do other stuff like a normal visitor! 🙂

    • Aww, ok! Let me know if you want to connect sometime, ok? 🙂

  8. Tess,i wanna visit your town,i’m always open 9 PM Friday & Saturday only,
    i’m busy every morning at Monday – Thrusday (except Tuesday,i don’t feel like using wi-f that day…)

    • Sure thing. I am really looking forward to meeting you in my town!

  9. I REALLY enjoy your blog and i hope you post more often! xD

    • Thanks a million! Yes, I try to post about every wi-fi meeting. But if I don’t meet up with people, I can’t post, can I? 😆
      Check out the new post today!

  10. Hey there Tess! I hope you realized your coming to my party!!! So excited! I know at first I said you could’t come but now there where some fc problems with a code and now you can come over. 🙂 just saying XD
    Sorry Lisanne! I was looking forward to wifi with you!

    • What? I don’t get it. I can come to your party now? I didn’t realize it until now 😕

      • tess your coming at 7 AM,i think.. is that a fine time? i know sorry it’s so early.. can you come to jemma’s party?
        (i still haven’t seen your ACWW character xD)

      • Oh thanks Kammile, what day?

  11. i always wake up at 8 AM… last year…6 AM!!! (too early 😐 )

  12. oh you can come at the normal time jemma’s gonna open her gates at 8 PM tonight 🙂 i reminded her to , we were the only ones in the party so she’ll open at 8 PM later FOR SURE!


    • i don’t know if she’s opening erase the “FOR SURE!” part…
      Thanks! ^.^ remember i’m opening this day too 9 PM my time !
      it’s ok if you do’t come theres a LOT more of Satudays and Friday to come,right?

      • Ahh yes, I usually am still sleeping at my 8am…I stay up late at night a lot of times but I will try to set an alarm! 😆

  13. Tess! open your gates at friday or saturday PLEASE REMEMBER THAT!
    i want you to have a green circle on my roster! >.<
    if you already have a green circle (in the future) YAY! only 1 more left to wi-fi to!

    • Ok, I’ll try, maybe when we visit this Saturday at 10 pm (your time) after that we can go to my town 😉

      • YAY! Visiting someone’s town is … AWESOME! xD 😆

  14. and some one visiting my town too! i really like how i’m not the ONLY human in my town… 😆

    • Ahh yes. We’re the only humans in a world full of fuzzies xD

      I’m with ya 😉

  15. Tambien ablo español pon comments en my blog

  16. XD That’s a mix of Spanish and English XD

  17. Tess! You gotta read this! there was a brown out on 11:04 PM,wi-fi crashed (resetti pic -_- with the error code 0000) and i’m sorry! it was unexpected,please forgive me!

    • What’s a brown out? I’ve heard of a black out, but not brown…sorry it happened!
      It’s ok! Think of all the times I’ve missed visits with you! 😉

      • can you at least come on Saturday? same time?

      • Yes, I’ll try! 😉

  18. Tess comenta en mi blog y agregame en acww porfavor! XD

    • i hope Tess knows how to translate that! 😆

      • Of course, I know some Español! 😉

  19. Hi Tess,do you wanna play on Saturday 10 PM,i bet it’ll be a good time for everyone else,please come this time so you can have your green circle on my roster 😉

  20. yes very funny kammile… 😡

  21. Nice Avatar Pic Tess! 😉 i see how august can be exciting! (fireworks!)

    • Thank ya! August can be a very magical time in Animal Crossing 😛

  22. Tess! Long time no see 🙂 Well I miss talking with you so… Hello Tess!!! 😀 Como vas amiguita? 🙂
    PS: Amiguita is amiga (friend) but I just like to say amiguita XD
    Bye bye amiguita! Hasta prontoooooo!
    I waked up like this, must be the day… I’m crazy!

  23. OMG! I realized today that I forgot to put you on my blogroll! I’m really sorry Tess, I’m getting old (not really but I have a mind of a 100 year old person XD) Well just saying that I added you right away when I realized 😛 Chao amiguita XD I just loooove saying amiguita, amiguita, amiguita…
    PS: No insult to a 100 year-old person, they’re probably smarter than me… 😕

  24. if you go on and forums coz i dont have a blog i writ it
    there, just type into the forum search: kay’s acww adventures. and it should
    come up.

    • Nice to meet you! I went to Moshi Monsters but to see your info I have to get an account. And I’m not sure I want to do that, I don’t play many internet games because of spam.
      Can you just post your info here? 🙂

  25. Long time no see dear Tess!!! I hope we can wifi sometime again! you must be busy, for your lack of posts! 😦 I hope you can post some more in the future!!! 😉
    Anyway, just saying hi! 😛

    • Yes very much, Jemma!! I hope we can wifi too, I’ve missed you and all of my other pals. 😦 I shall post some posts sometime. 🙂
      And hi!
      ♥, Tess

  26. Hey Tess,how long!
    I miss you! 😛
    Hope you can visit my blog, it’s really changed!
    Well you know the link! 😉
    PS: GOOD IDEA with the comments page! was funny! 🙂

    • Hey emma 😀
      Yes, it’s been long hasn’t it? I *love* your new blog changes. x
      And thanks! 🙂

  27. Your welcome! 😛
    BTW do you now some Hp blogs? 🙂
    THANKS! 🙂

  28. Awww thanks! 😛
    I’ll try to comment in some of them but anyone answer me!!!
    Do you have some friends with a harry potter blog? 😛

    • No, none of my friends have a Harry Potter blog, just you! 🙂 Sorry!

      • Heyy I just bought ACWW and I’m soo new here :D. We can meet in ACWW? WOahh… How to meet? WHat should I do? HEHHEHE please help :/

  29. He he, It’s been a long time, I’ve became un active just like you! 😆
    I recently wi-fied with Amy (If you know don’t know who she is, She’s a girl that owns “Ac town Record” )

    I still hope we can wi-fi. Do you have a free time?
    Sem. Break will start tomorrow. 😀
    I’m pretty much free all day!

  30. Long time no see Tess! I miss you! How’s life? 😛 I see your blog has a lot of commenters! That’s great! Good luck on finding time to post something! I miss your interesting posts! 😉

    • Life’s been good lately. How’s yours? 😀 I miss you too.
      My acww wifi is currently not working. Do you have city folk? If you do, I can only wifi with city folk so we can go on if you want.
      …And I miss the interesting posts too…:(

  31. hi Tess i love your blog i have lets go to the city but you have city folk…
    can we wifi?

  32. oh and by the way your awsome

  33. Hi Tess!

    Please check out my blog!
    There is not much on it…but I was hoping that you could maybe give me some tips on how to make it better? 🙂 (But without paying for things)
    Anyway… here it is! 😀

  34. I was here! Haha, hey Tess! I had some reading to catch up to when I visited your blog, I think it’s great that in your new 2 posts you’ve always had wifi meetings to explain.

    Omg!! Jason’s town was… crazy, but original, I kinda liked it, heheh. 🙂

    • Yay! It’s Jemma! xD
      & yeah thanks for visiting lol.
      Jason’s town was…fun. haha.

  35. hi love the blog been playing on animal crossing for years!!! lol

    • Thanks for joining in on the ride, come again soon!

  36. Do you plan on blogging Animal Crossing: New Leaf when it comes out?

    • That’s a good question, but sadly probably not since I don’t have a 3DS and I have no time to play AC anymore (except summertime).
      Thanks for visiting my blog!

  37. I got a mandarin hat today YAYYY

    • Haha nice! Do you have all of the fruit costumes?

      • no… that’s my first piece.I wish i had them all though

  38. I think maybe you should do a few more pages?

  39. Thank you for the advice about taking pictures.It works pretty well! Thanks!

    • You’re welcome, anytime I can be of assistance (:

      • ok, next time i have a question i will definitely ask you first! 🙂

  40. I do have a question. I am posting my pixels, On the icons and patterns page, and 2 of them are fat and green lined. When i posted them, they looked nothing like that. Please could you help??????????

    • I replied on your page 😉

      • oh thanks 🙂

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