Posted by: Tess | May 31, 2013

Ally Cat

Oh my goodness, I had a DS to DS visit in Wild World (!) with my friend Ally on April 27th and never posted it. Haha goes to show you how good at keeping up with blogging I am πŸ˜›


Rafflesia in Longwood -_-


This room really could use a light.


Good old axe fight! I missed those.


Talking to Kiki. Ally and I have this inside joke about cats, since her name is Ally and it reminds me of an Alley cat. (Her nickname is Ally Cat!) When I found out she had 2 cats in her town, we had to talk to them πŸ™‚


She wanted my golden axe but I couldn’t give it to her! It took me forever to get it, so many steps. πŸ™„

If you want to get the golden axe yourself, here’s a guide I got from ACC:

How To Get:Β When Pascal visits, give him the Scallop and he’ll give you the Golden Axe.

1) Wait until Sunday and find Joan.
2) Buy a red turnip seed from her (costs 1,000 bells).
3) Plant it and water it once a day.
4) When Wendell comes to town, dig up the turnip and give it to him.
5) He will give you a turban or a (special) country guitar.

-A) If you give the guitar to K.K. Slider on Saturday after he sings a song, you get a picture of him.
-B) If you get the turban, give it to Saharah the next time she comes to town.

–1a) Sahara will give you either a (special) Red vase or a massage chair.

—-a) Give the massage chair to Tortimer (when he shows up on a holiday) and you’ll receive the scallop.

1aa) Give the scallop to Pascal for a golden axe or picture.

—-b) Give the Red vase to Crazy Redd and you’ll receive a safe.

1aa) Give the safe to Nook for his picture.
There ya go! Good luck to y’all who want to achieve a golden axe πŸ˜€
Thanks for hanging out, Ally. It was fun (:


  1. Cool! I had a ds-ds visit with my friend back then at school. πŸ˜› We almost got caught, but almost. xD

    Sounds like you had a lot of fun on this wi-fi! πŸ˜€ Of course you would have fun, there’s an axe fight! 😈

  2. after you get the golden axe, its SO easy to get another one. Just order a massage chair give to to tortimer, and then to pascal.

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