Posted by: Tess | September 24, 2012

Hey Peeps (:

O hey there, so nice to see you, thanks for dropping by 😀

It’s been a few months or so…I felt like I needed to explain my absence (since I know you all worried about me)! 😛

I’m happy to say I officially have 10 followers (plus other silent stalkers who refuse to post comments or reveal their names 😡 ) and over 8,500 visits since the blog opened in 2010. And that’s all thanks to yoou guys (:

Keep it coming! Let the numbers climb!

So obviously a lot is going on in my life right now…won’t be wifing for a whilee, sadly. These are the busiest times, as usual. I’m in 4 clubs, I volunteer (sort-of), and my entire Friday nights & all Saturdays are filled to the brim with a sport I’m in. Next weekend I have a party to go to, then a dance, that should be fun!  ❤

I guess I could blog more about my life but then I’d totes have to change the name of the blog from “Tess’s Animal Crossing Blog” to “Tess’s Boring Life That No One Cares About (But She Posts Anyway Because She Has No Longer Been Playing Animal Crossing)”.

Hahaha what do you guys think?

Comment, broskies.



  1. i love your blog, please no matter how often you post stuff, dont delete this blog?:) even though you probably wont delete it, just saying;)

    • Aww, thanks for your comment! & I will never delete this blog. (hopefully.) There’s really no reason to, since I don’t have to pay money to keep up the site or anything.
      ♥, Tess

  2. Hi tess! I love your blog so much 🙂 I just made a blog to post about my accf adventures. I decided to make a blog since I love reading about your accf adventures so I decides to share mine too. I can’t wait till you start posting again! It would be great if you could please check my new blog out. It’s I haven’t posted yet but I will be very soon. Talk to you soon! 🙂

    • So glad I could inspire you! 😀
      I will start posting again once I have the time to wifi…
      & I will def check your blog out!
      ♥, Tess

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