Posted by: Tess | April 2, 2012

I fooled you (:

Haha it was super duper nice to see who really cares about this blog. I love you all! :mrgreen:

But, this blog is not shutting down! I would never leave you guys and my amazing posts of pictures to remember the good times!


…You can relax now. Breathe. I know how worked up you all must have been. I’m not going anywhere. 😉



  1. waah?! … haha, April Fools. xD

  2. haha yay! ^^ ahh you definitely had me fooled with that serious tone!

    • Thanks Amy! I thought listing the ways to contact me was a nice touch…don’t ya think? xD

  3. Gosh, you really fooled me too! Happy April Fools, I’m so glad you’re not shutting down!

    • Meeee toooo (:

  4. Luke acww use to play with miki, rory, vivien good times

  5. Acww Luke used to play with miki, rory, vivien good times

    • True story…
      They’re all inactive on Animal crossing now though. (I think)

  6. Oh my gosh! I am so sorry about that last comment, my big sister Tracie sent it because she thinks animal crossing is for babies and is always trying to ruin my stuff. I love your blog! I’ve never commented before but i’ve read the whole thing, you are awesome! I apologize again for the comment. She has so grammar either! ti

    • It’s alright. I delete the rude comments anyways.

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