Posted by: Tess | April 1, 2012

Shutting down.

Hi all,

this blog has gone downhill. There’s numerous spammers, no one comes here that often, and well, I can’t wi-fi anymore on ACWW, the reason I made this blog in the first place two years ago. I have decided to come to the best conclusion that I will delete this blog tomorrow. If you want to contact me since the blog is shutting down, you can email me, PT on ACC, message me on, whatever. Thanks for a great two years. Goodbye.

♥, Tess



  1. You may NOT delete it D: I love your blog and numerous other people do! So please please please, don’t delete it!


  2. I agree with Lisanne, leaving up your old posts would be good for memory’s sake and for your followers to look back on. 🙂 Regardless, I’ll respect your decision and miss your blog Tess!

  3. W..Why?! PLEASE STAY!! I still stalk your blog.. hehe…

    BUT please! At least just open your blog up so the future viewers can see your amazing posts from the past. T_T and let your blog be history? 😆
    random:think of the children..the AC:WW addicted children…

  4. W…WHAT??? Noo!!! Please don’t go, Tess! Atleast leave the blog open for future visits, please don’t go! You’re great at blogging, and I’d hate to see your blog go!

    You’re blog seems really popular, I can’t say goodbye to you! 😦 Please don’t go, I really don’t wanna pressure you, but just try reconsidering it… you may regret deleting your blog.

    • But any decision you take, I’ll respect.
      But I’d just think about it a few days and see how you get going without a blog anymore, because once you delete it… it’s gone forever.
      Then again, any decision you take, I’ll respect.

  5. It’s so… weird…. to see a dead blog, especially for ac.
    We all know how white girls are with ac CX
    This is too late for any response back, but i’ve looked at your blog and all your accomplishments… I died halfway through. If you ever do come back and see this message… ACNL IS OUT BABYYYYY
    Have a nice life, and get ACNL or happy home designer, they’re way better in a sense!

    • Lol what…you died? Wow, I’m sorry haha. I always check to see if there’s comments tho, so don’t worry. I ain’t actually gone. Just not posting…

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