Animal Crossing City Folk


Kit Kat

Friend code: 3052-0546-9268
Name: Kit Kat
Town: Yefeb

I know “Yefeb” sounds pretty weird, it was a random made-up word.



 Here’s my town map:

If you want to connect with me on wi-fi then leave a comment. 🙂



  1. Yefeb is funny

    • Yes, I know 🙂 FYI, “my brother” is not Justin, it is my younger brother who made up Yefeb. 😆

  2. can i open ds??

  3. umm do you have wifi on wii?
    because i would love to wifi with you.
    (mah info)
    krista of

    • Yes I do my info’s on this page!
      Name: Kit Kat
      Town: Yefeb

  4. haha nate and pate

  5. Heyy i found your blog when i was surfing x Im on City folk so if you wana meet up heres my code ect x

    Player Name: Amy
    Code: 4040-3735-2828
    Town: Elysion

    Hope you can come over sometime x

    • Sure! When I get the chance, I’ll make sure to add you in my roster. 😉

  6. Its possible to have an island on ACCF ?! 😯

    • Yes, my town has an island! Check the picture up there ^^

  7. Haha, I found your blog !
    … Well.. first, before i give you my FC, i want to know something..
    Where are you from? :3 I’m from Holland, nice to meet ya.
    Here’s my FC and other stuff..
    Name: Lisanne
    Town: Twinleaf
    FC: 0948-3447-1117

    Much love,
    Lisanne :3
    (Yes, my English sucks x3)

    • Hello Lisanne, nice to meet you too! I’m from the USA, and if you want to visit my town, add me! 😀
      I’ll be adding you, if you would like to meet up 😉
      Oh & your English doesn’t seem bad at all! You even know some slang! ❤

      • Awesomee :3, I shall add you !
        Okay, when could you meet? :3
        Haha, ty! Still I think I should learn more… And uhm.. what means slang? x3

        Much love,
        Lisanne :3

      • Hey Tess,
        Can I visit your town as soon as possible? Would be fun!

        Love, Lisanne

  8. I love your character is very pretty! 😉

    • Thanks emma!

  9. Your welcome! XD 😉

  10. “One may be humble out of pride.”

  11. If you spell Yefeb backwards,it spells “Befey” 😯 Uhh… BEEF!! :mrgreen:
    I’ll try to make up names of my town if i get AC:CF 😆 It might end up being a perfect town layout and then you have to change the town name. 😆

    • I have to change the town name? 😕

      • No, I’ll name my first *ugly-styled* towns into names that are ridiculous and when the time comes when I see a perfect layout for my town and the name is like “jbgyudfg” 😆

        That’s the problem… 😛 So i’ll just keep naming the town,Rosewood,Rosewood,Rosewood…

        and please! You don’t have to change the town name!
        I didn’t told you and if i *did* told you, Why would you do it? 😕

        😆 Let’s go over with that, (change of topic) I’d like to see your town at December 2011 or maybe January 2012 😉 I’ll get AC:CF at the end of the year 😀 Please wait!! Liam (animalcrosser7 and his blog is can come too,it’ll be a wi-fi for 3 people! 😀

      • I’m up for it! ttyl.
        luv, Tess

  12. hello ! let me introduce me : i’m delphine and i’m from france. I like to wifi with you (i reeeeally want to wifi with english people but … errr, i don’t know a lot of english animal crossing blogs) but i saw that you’re kind of busy with school (it’s the same for me, france’s school is so boring and exhausting …) well, please answer me on my blog, you juste have to click on “commenter” and leave a message (no need to have a blog on this site) and if you really don’t understand how is the site, just click on “english” which is in “langues” in the end of the page 🙂
    We could have a wifi on december or whatever 🙂 it will be great !
    well, have a good day and if you want to do a wifi with a french girl (yes, delphine is a girl’s name) please reply ! 🙂
    and soooorry for the mistakes i’m not really good in english 🙂

  13. hello ! i’m so happy that you answer me 🙂 it’s gonna be impossible for me to wifi cause on october the 20th i will go to los angeles for two weeks (i will come back … the 2 or 3 of november) and during my last days in france i’m gonna make my suitcase and do my holidays’ homework so it will be very short to wifi … but then, during november and december (WINTER HOLIDAYS !) i would be available for wifiing (did i just invent a new world ? haha)
    bye ! delphine

  14. no problem, i’m so happy that i find someone engliiiiish ! by the way, are you english or american ?
    so, err, i will talk to you when i will come back 🙂
    Have a good day !
    bye, delphine.

  15. hello ! :)) it’s me (again ?) i leaved USA a week ago and i’m now back to france … (and raining days)
    Well, now, i have 6 weeks of school until my winter vacations so i think i will can’t (this isn’t correct isn’t it ?) wifing during this time.
    I think it’s the same for you (i mean, not wifing during school) so maybe at winter vacation ?
    have a great day, delphine.

  16. me too ! when are your holiday break ? Mine is from December the 17th to …, well i don’t know (but i know the end of my holidays will be after the 2 ou 3 of january :))
    your town seems so cool ! for me, there are stuffs from a friend who’s gonna move into an another town (she wanted me to keep her things) on the floor and i promise to her that nobody will go into my town. but i hope she will take her things before the winter holidays.
    and, just one more thing i thing you know my english is not the greatest in the world but i have no problem in understanding english, do you have wii speak ? i have but it will be difficult for me to speak so i prefer use the keyboard :p

  17. Hey sweetheart,
    It’s me again.. With a question!
    When could you meet @ ac:cf?
    Would be fun to meet ya!


    • Yes! I’d love to! I’m good this weekend, we’d need to find out the time difference and then once we do we can pick any time on Saturday or Sunday. Oh and by the way, I saw your very old comment with the question on slang. Sorry I did not reply. Slang is words or expressions that do not belong to standard written English. How you said “Nice to meet ya”, ‘ya’ is slang. 😉
      ♥, Tess

      • Okay, that would be awesome! Well, I live in Europe.. And I don’t understand anything about the +1 time etc.. But well, just tell me when en what time you want. Oh hahaha, that was a very old comment xD. Thank you for the uhh.. I don’t know the word D: *le fails*
        Hope to see you soon,
        Love Lisanne

  18. Hey tess, I open my gates right now, if you want to come, you can come!


  19. awsome

  20. Happy Holidays Tess! ^_^
    Still haven’t ignored you or your blog! 😀
    I think we should shout out your blog revival if i get my wii. 🙂
    Woot! Go Tess, Go! xD

    • Happy holidays to you too, Kammile. And sure, go ahead! Go Kammile, GO! hahahahaha 😀

  21. EekieekEEK!! 😆
    Check it out, check it out, check it out! xD :

    btw, I got City Folk now and here’s my info.
    I’m excited for us to wi-fi!
    Hope you reply! 😀

    Birthday: September 25
    FC: 1120-4113-1917

    • Pfft, Never mind the birthday. xP
      My town is called Ol’ Dale 🙂 (with the space and the ‘ on the end of the word “Ol” in it. xD )

      • and a question, How many days will you wait until the 4th bridge is built? 🙂 or will it come on the next day, I need another 50,000 bells to have a 4th bridge and i’m half way there and they say that you choose where the bridge goes and you villagers will vote too, Does the bridge placement always go where you want them to go or it’s random? 😕

        .. Ooh, I’m not a so so expert on this game…

      • Hey Kammile! You can go to and click on “guides” under the ACCF blurb on the home page. There, click on “Town Fund Guide” and you will see a page that will answer all of the questions you have. If not, just comment again with the problem and I can help you. 🙂
        P.S. When you get your first bridge addition, you can pick between 2 choices of where the bridge can go. So, it is somewhat limited in that you cannot put it where ever you want.

  22. hehe, Thanks Tess, btw, I replied back to your comment on my CF Blog. 🙂

    • ok!

  23. hello Tess ! well, sorry to not response to you i had a big test (it’s named the “brevet” it’s in the end of middle school) so my first week of school was overbooked ! now my next holidays are going to be on february but if you want do you want to do it on week end ? the only problem is about hour. Can you tell me (not exactly if you don’t want) where you are living : it will be easier for me to know the time difference 🙂 bye !

  24. you’re smart ! :’) ok so it’s 11: 03 p.m. now in france so you just have to do the difference with your actual hour.
    ps : can i speak to you with the skyrock blog ? because i already left you a comment and i think you didn’t look at it :p
    pss : no problem with the week end wifi ! it’s going to be complicated this week end but in one or two weeks why not ?
    bye ! and have a greaaaat week end (i’m waiting all my week to have these two days of freedom) and in france it’s “soldes” don’t know the world in english if it’s “sold” or “selling days” you know 50% off on clothes, bags etc …

  25. wewo

    can we wifi at some point

    • again?

      i’ll try to make sure nothing gets in my way so it works 😀

      • Sure! Lol we can try! I’m so busy these days but I really want to meet you ^^

      • How is tommorow (sunday)

        at…… 4:00pm my time your time 10:00am

  26. how about today(sunday) at my time 4:00pm and your time 10:00am

  27. ?

    • Sorry! I missed your comments again! 😦

  28. Bonjour Tess!
    Long time no see (or something like that )
    But how are you? I’m still hoping to meet you once..
    Hope to see/speak you soon!

    Love, Lisanne

    • Hey Lisanne! Veryy long time no see. I’m so glad you stopped by to say hey 🙂
      ACCF? I’d love to meet up. We can set up a date & time!
      ♥, Tess

  29. That’s sounds great! What about now, tomorrow, saturday? I can almost everyday so.. just pick a date! About the time… I don’t really know how to do that.. :/
    Lisanne ♥

    • The time is probably different from my time to yours because of time zones/different countries and whatever else. So, when you comment, put *your* current time down. Your comment will have a time stamp from my blog, I have set that to my time. We’ll figure how many hours difference there is that way 😉

      • That’s a very good idea! Right now it’s.. 12:05 PM.



      • Oh my goodness. That is a big difference, 7 hours! Lol that’s the same difference as me & Mayu’s. Do you live in Germany? 😀

      • 7 hours?! That’s a really big difference! Haha, no I live next to Germany, in Holland. And you lived in? 🙂

      • I live in the USA! Wanna meet up now? I see you and I are online at the same time 🙂

  30. Hi Tess! I have more time now to wi-fi now! yaay!
    If there’s anytime your available, tell me ASAP. 😉

    • Sure! Haha when do you want to meet up? This is my last day of spring break…

      • Can we do it on Wednesday (April,3,2012), At 9 – 10 PM, I’ll open my gates 😀 Can’t wait!!

      • I’ll try my hardest. I hope I do not have any homework that day and I am not busy. I am back in school now. 😦
        Please, Kammile don’t get your hopes up because I most likely will be busy. But I will try my absolute hardest to meet up with you! (:

  31. Hey tess,

    What day/time do YOU want to meet up???

    • Weekends work best. Sundays are great. I like meeting up at 2 pm my time, but idk if that works for your time. Let me know ~.^

      • Yep,

        this Saturday might be good at 2pm your time and 8am my time?

        🙂 🙂

      • You are 6 hours ahead of me. So, 2 pm my time would be 8 pm yours (not 8 am). If that’s too late we can set it all back an hour.

      • 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  32. sorry i mean next saturday (14 april)

    • Yea

      i forgot…

      i had to change the date beacause thats my bday party.
      I think i can do 7pm so we set it back an hour

      Soo yeah 😉

      • OK, so what date are we changing it to?

      • Saturday 14th april

        if thats good

      • Sure. Haha. Hopefully I’m not busy……..

  33. Hi tess!
    What about meeting up at next saterday? 1 pm your time?

    • Tomorrow? That might work! I’ll try my best 😉

  34. Eepers!!

    I have become a night owl now! 😀
    So, i get to wi-fi with people on CF on late nights! (12 AM – 3 AM)
    Soo…. i hope you’ll be able to wi-fi on Saturday… maybe 11 PM or 12 AM.. or any time during 8 PM – 2 AM, my time. ^_^ i bet that’s kind of a good news for you! xD

    • actually,, we can wi-fi at any day you like! :mrgreen:

      • Oooooh! I love it! 12 am your time means 4 pm mine! Woot! I ♥ afternoons 🙂 Tomorrow works, I *should* be available. Only sometimes my parents do spontaneous things, so I might be shopping or something random. 😕

      • Yay! 🙂 See you!

  35. OMG, i totally forgot we’re about to wi-fi yesterday.. o_o

    Is there any day you can be available at all? same time? actually… anytime except 3/4 AM – 10 AM 😆

    oh.. and it’s me… clickie the linkie~

    • Yessma’am. I’m available all day todayy and late afternoon tomorrow, no school today or then tomorrow. (: Pick a time that works for you, as always!

      • Are you available now? didn’t see your comment 😆
        i slept early yesterday. :< but if your available today.. i can wi-fi.. today i'm staying up VERY late~ ^^

      • …Oh…
        Would you like to reschedule? 😆

      • Sure~ how bout’ today? or maybe tomorrow? 😆

      • Yeah! Are you online right now?

      • … Yes… Oh my good.. i missed it. T_T

      • It’s ok Choco (:

      • Is there reschedule? I’m pretty much free all week. :>

      • Yes, of course! There’s always a reschedule!! 😀
        This Saturday the 19th? how’s that? & what time? (:

      • 11 PM, my time? 😀

      • Sure! That’s 3 pm my time, that should work! see you then! woot! 😀 1st wifi everr…even though it seems I’ve known you forever 🙄

      • haha, see you then!

      • it’s 8 PM your time now, huh? i hope your still online.. i’ll look for your gates?

  36. Hmmm

    I have a new town now and i’ll try and get my friend code

  37. This is a message to the admin. I came to your “ACCF Tess's Animal Crossing Blog” page via Google but it was hard to find as you were not on the front page of search results. I see you could have more visitors because there are not many comments on your site yet. I have found a website which offers to dramatically increase your rankings and traffic to your website: I managed to get close to 1000 visitors/day using their services, you could also get lot more targeted traffic from search engines than you have now. Their free trial and brought significantly more traffic to my site. Hope this helps 🙂 Take care.

    • No, for those keywords, it’s the first result that appears on Google. That’s awkward…

  38. Mwahaaaaaaaaaa 0.0….. Wow long time no see!!! yeah i got caught up in a lot of stuff….. lol …… so i was wondering if you want to TRY wi-fi ing again… And this time i will post my details…. let me just get them …..

    ok here goes:
    Name: Izzie
    Town: Lakeland
    Friend code: f814-2493-3795

    • Yes, but, since school has started, as always we can only do weekends. On sundayss. Let me know when you’re available, again, on sundays & pick a time & i’ll get back to you!

      • Yes i thought so, it will be easier for me too. anyway… if you on today (Sunday) My time 4:00pm and your time 10:00am??????
        Let me know if i got anything wrong 😛

      • Didn’t see this until today D:
        Sorry! I was doing homework all day last Sunday… :/

  39. Oh! sorry about that… If it’s ok with you, can we keep the same time but do it this coming sunday?

    • Erm…missed again…sorry 😦

      • Awh!!! Apology Accepted 😀


      • Thanks ysabel, you’re so sweet and understanding ❤

  40. Yupp!!! i know it 😉

  41. Ok, yeah it’s been a very long time and i was wondering if we could try wi-fi ing again. this time i really hope it works more than anything in the world! (well, nearly)
    Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i was thinking you could pick a time and date if your up for it 🙂

    from Izzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

    • Yeah I’m up haha. Let’s do it during winter break when I’m more free? (:
      ♥, Tess

  42. Sure, I’m more or less free whenever 🙂

    • Ok, cool. I will contact you when I’m off & we can pick a date/time?
      …and this time nothing will get in our way of meeting each otherr (:
      ♥, Tess

  43. Memories (:

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