Posted by: Tess | June 14, 2012

Cute Creepy Stuff

On June 8th, I met Jonathan and Tae for the first time. I would blog about it and show more pictures, but…it got a little…violent…

June 11th, Jonathan came back over to my town.

He hit me with his net while Merry just watched…help me!

And then he wanted me to help him with a glitch and push him into Tom Nook’s sign, but clearly he didn’t think…

because then he was stuck and couldn’t do anything. Silly Jonathan. So I ended the party

and we went to his town!

Cool house! & Cute skeleton…Eek! 😯

He had K.K. Rock playing, making it sound like a very “tough” room.

His basement was very similar. And I was a rooster xD

Then later on in the day, Tae invited me to his town!

He was in the middle of making a neat path.

That’s all I have today! Thanks both Tae and Jonathan for making this post possible.

See all you blog readers and Animal Crossing Addicts hopefully sometime this summer, where wifi-ing is abundant!

Just leave a comment to set something up 😉

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  1. I really like the train track paths and Tae’s rainbow and grey path, pretty! I’ve enjoyed your updates, wish I had more time to play lately. 😦 By the way, I did find an AC:CF town that met my requirements a while ago, so I do have one now, but I don’t have a FC yet because I need to connect to the internet first. But maybe we can WiFi in the future!

    • Thank yooou! & awesome! I’m so glad you found a good town 😉
      Yes! I’d love to wifi with you sometime in the near future! Just let me know when you’re connected to the internet, etc. (:

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